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App description

POINTR teleservice is a professional solution for remote collaboration. It is fast and easy to use, just like making a phone call. Support your customers, co-workers and friends on any problem, from anywhere, remotely!

POINTR brings the next level of communication. It allows you to view the problem through live video streaming, discuss using voice chat and instruct precisely with Augmented Reality based pointer annotations: "Press THAT button!"

POINTR allows you to offer totally new services. Reduce downtime and offer unbeatable response time to your customers. POINTR streamlines processes in various industrial applications:

• IT support

• Repair & off-nominal maintenance

• Service Level Agreements (SLA)

• Installation & ramp-up

• Upgrades & retrofit

• On-the-job training

• Quality & safety assurance

• Warranty time support

• Sales support

POINTR is industry ready and designed for extreme conditions. It is resistant to network interruptions and works with slow speed connections. Industrially tested across continents e.g. between Europe, US, Brasil, Russia, India, China, Thailand etc. POINTR can use any Internet connection you have available (3G/4G/WiFi), even through satellite network access, anywhere in the world!

POINTR enables you to solve problems rapidly. It gives your customer service or field support team an unbeatable response time. It enables your organization to benefit from performance improvements in all technical communication.

"I'm 100% convinced it will make a change in how we do our business"

- Tuomo Hammar, CEO, Diesel Power Finland

Get control of the new business opportunity: Start using POINTR today!

Note: For licensing details and downloads for desktop & other platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS), go to

New Feature


- New feature: Industrial Live Screen Share (Win&Mac)

- New feature: Industrial Live Screen Share AR annotations

- New feature: Field Reports export to PDF

- New feature: Field Reports native share

- New feature: Proxy Manager (Advanced Network Settings)

- New feature: Call Participant Manager

- New feature: HD Audio Quality

Improvements and fixes:

- Improved: Stability on Smart-glasses

- Improved: USB camera management

- Improved: Country code selector

- Improved: Contact search and visualization

- Improved: Screen orientation on Smart-glasses

- Improved: Offline switching during call


Updated Date
19 Nov 2021
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