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Red-green color blindness affects more than 300 million people worldwide, and there is no cure. Unable to distinguish ripe fruits or to find red objects in green grass, many colorblind people feel handicapped and tend to conceal their condition to avoid discrimination.

Colorizer solves the problem and makes your Moverio glasses a color-enhancing lens. Using the live video from the camera, Colorizer modifies colors for your perception and overlays the improved result over the real-world picture you see.

With different settings, Colorizer can either simulate colorblind perception for a normal-vision user, or recolor the view to help colorblind people distinguish problematic color pairs.

※ How to use ※

* By default, the screen is transparent to avoid user distraction.

* Recoloring is activated by a simple discreet gesture: slightly tilt your head to left or right (move ear toward the shoulder).

* Now, your left eye will see the original view through the glass; while the right eye will see a recolored overlay.

* By comparing the left and right view, a colorblind person can easily distinguish red from green.


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03 Dec 2014
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