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App description

App Description:

With Epson WebView Installer, you can install the updated version of the Android System WebView on MOVERIO BT-300.

Android WebView is a system component using Chrome technology and can be used to display advanced web content to Android applications.

The version of WebView installed on Moverio is version 39.

By installing this application on MOVERIO BT-300, the existing WebView will be updated to the latest version which includes the latest security update and other bug fixes.

 The version of WebView to be installed: 65

How to use:

1. Confirm the license agreement and tap the agree button.

2. Tap "Install" when the "Android System WebView" install dialog appears.

3. Tap the "Finish" button to finish.

* If the "Install blocked" message appears, tap "Settings", turn ON the unknown source application, and then install it again.

For details, refer to 4 to 6 in the following URL.

How to check the installed WebView version:

Unlike regular applications, WebView does not display icons in launcher applications.

To confirm if it was installed successfully, follow the procedure below:

1. Launch the settings application and tap “Apps”.

2. In “Download”, tap Android System WebView to check the version.

How to uninstall:

This application will become unnecessary, after WebView is completely installed. You can uninstall the apps at "My Apps" in the MOVERIO Apps Market. Tap the application you want to uninstall, and select "Uninstall" to remove it.

Application Copyright's Holder:

The copyrights of released applications, except for those with particular statements, are all owned by Seiko Epson or all Seiko Epson's related subsidiary companies.

New Feature

The software license agreement has been updated.


Updated Date
13 Mar 2020
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