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The Wikitude SDK for Epson Moverio smart glasses makes use of the see through technology offered by the Epson Moverio. It directly overlays augmented reality content in the field of vision of the user. This creates a more immersive experience than overlaying it on top of a camera viewfinder image. Additionally the SDK is aware of the 2D and 3D mode the glasses offer. If a user switches to the 3D mode a stereoscopic rendering is activated that uses different images for the left and the right eye creating a real 3D vision. The image recognition engine Wikitude SDK has been calibrated for the Epson Moverio glasses to account for the different position of the camera and the users field of vision.

The Sample App is a fully pre-configured project which includes numerous samples how to use the Wikitude SDK. Install and run the Sample App on your own device.

All of the included samples are complete augmented reality experiences which run in the SDK Sample app. Browse through this section and get an idea of what the SDK is capable of. The relevant parts of the samples are described in more detail to highlight the applied concepts and patterns. These examples are designed to help you get off to a great start with the Wikitude SDK.

Viewing samples based on vision based augmented reality requires the corresponding reference images. All of them are available directly in the description of the sample or available as a collection on our website (, which you can either view on the screen or print.


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05 Mar 2018
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